Fulvic Acid Shampoo & Hair Care Holiday Sale!

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Fulvic Acid Hair Care Holiday Sale

Fulvic Acid Hair Care Holiday Sale

Special Fulvic Acid Hair Care Holiday Sale!
Fulvic Acid Shampoo Gift Set
Special Holiday Pricing and Free Shipping makes this the perfect time to stock up on your own Fulvic Acid Shampoo, Treatments, & Coditioners, or to introduce someone to the benefits of Fulvic Acid based hair care!
3 piece Fulvic Acid Hair Care Gift Set

3 piece Fulvic Acid Hair Care Gift Set

Our popular 3 piece Gift Set is on sale for 20% off for a limited time only!
What makes the Mi Amante brand of Hair Care Products different from the other products on the market?
Mi Amante products contain the exclusive Reyna Trifecta Formula which was developed by Dr. Dick Miyayama. The key active ingredients are Fulvic Acid working in conjuntion with Aloe and Tannic Acid.
What is Fulvic Acid?
Simple Explanation: Fulvic Acid supports the health of cells by increasing nutrient uptake and improving toxin removal. This allows the cells of your body to operate at full potential which results in many positive benefits for your scalp, skin, and other areas of your body.

Fulvic Acid: is an anitioxidant, electrolyte, enhances the bioavailability of vitamins and minerals, aids in the transport of nutrients, catalyzes enzyme reactions, chelate heavy metals and environmental pollutants, enhances cell division.

What does Fulvic Acid do for my Hair?
When the body continues to be overwhelmed by stress, healthy cell activities become disfunctional and we can no longer produce healthy hair.   By efficiently conducting the allocation of nutrients to the right cells and removing the harmful residue of excess matter in your body, Fulvic Acid restores the balance and energy of all cell life and their biological properties for total body regeneration.

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