Treatment – Short Hair

Treatment  トリートメント

It is very important to keep your scalp clean daily.

-After shampoo step, please lightly towel dry or blow dry your scalp and hair.


-Using the flat surface area of the bristles, brush your scalp as though sweeping out any excess dirt and oil from your pores.

-Thinning areas on your scalp have a lower temperature than full areas so the brushing motion helps to warm it up.

The healthy nerves will reach out to the newly reconnecting nerces and re-establish the network of nerves around the scalp for strong hair growth, so it is important to brush the areas surrounding the thinning areas as well as the problem area itself.


-Spray treatment onto all areas of the scalp, focusing in and around the thinning areas.


-Massage the treatment into scalp with fingertips. Focus extra attention on problem areas.

** For best results, we recommend this treatment 2-3 times daily!!

As dead skin, oil, and dirt will accumulate on the brush bristles, please take care to rinse the bristles with hot water or wash with soap and hot water routinely.

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