Mi Amante

‘People got dirty through too much civilization.
Whenever we touch nature, we get clean.’
  C.G. Jung, Swiss Philospher & Psychiatrist

Our efforts towards an ever modern civilization of convenience and sophisticated technology is unparallelled but by mass distortion and apathy to nature. Perhaps it is our growing separation from nature wherein dawned the debilitation of both singular body and global dispositions. Might this then, suggest that our mutual sustenance now depends on a collective pursuit to converge self and nature, and therefrom shall manifest a true accord of health, beauty, culture.

 In our society, beauty is qualified by an exterior image, no matter how it may bely the truth of disease and malady in our bodies. But hair and skin are visible markers of our inner health. True beauty is of health. How do we return to the culture of health and beauty? Through the culture of nature.

Welcome to Mi Amante Renaturation.



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