Product Development

Founding Doctor, Dr. Dick Miyayama, M.D., originally a surgeon practicing Western Medicine, became increasingly dissatisfied with the allopathic and harmful nature of the new synthesized body repair treatments. He travelled the world in his search of nature’s remedy long dismissed in the modern culture of physical treatment. While studying herbal pharmacology in Mexico, he came upon the ancient Aztec herbal remedies for the restoration and regeneration of cell life and was blessed by the riches of Mexico’s untouched lands to cultivate the plants and botanicals he would use in his formula designed for restoring the damage of stress and encouraging our finest beauty by
effecting 5 sense relaxation in ourselves.

Mi Amante’s Signature Trifecta Formula:

1. USDA Certified Organic FULVIC ACID
2. Aloe Blend
3. Tannic Acid

Our exclusive trio restores the balance and energy of all cell life in our hair, skin, and nails to encourage the body to grow them beautifully again, on its own!!


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