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Fulvic Acid Benefits for Hair Growth

Fulvic Acid Inside!
Fulvic Acid Inside!

The Fulvic Acid formula used in the Mi Amante line of hair care products improve hair texture and growth by  rejuvenating various cells invloved in hair growth. 
The cells in the scalp and hair follicles get damaged over time by stress and enviromental toxins.
Fulvic Acid assists in chelating out and reducing harmful heavy metals while increasing the efficiency of nutrient uptake of the cells. 


Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid

To put it simply, Fulvic Acid helps to restore the bodies cells to their full health and potential over time.
With the use of Fulvic Acid based Mi Amante shampoo’s, conditioners, and treatments over time, you will see fuller, healthier hair. 

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Fulvic Acid Hair Care

Fulvic Acid Hair Care


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