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Neroli Aroma Oil now added to Mi Amante Fulvic Acid Shampoo and Hair Treatments!

New Product Announcement!

Many of our customers requested an improvement in the scent and feel of our Shampoo products over the years.
After careful research and experimentation, we’d like announce that we’ve added the Essential Aroma Oil “Neroli” to our products!
What is Neroli? 
Neroli is a natural essential oil commonly used in aroma and massage therapy to calm nerves, increase circulation, and reduce stress. The ingredient not only adds a pleasant relaxing aroma, but maximizes the moisture retention of our shampoo products, treatments and tonics.
These products have been reformulated to contain the new Neroli Aroma Oil:
Mi Amante Fulvic Acid Shampoo
Mi Amante 3 Piece Boxed set (the Shampoo now has Neroli)
Mi Amante Renaturation Cellular Shampoo
New Product:
Mi Amante Renaturation Neroli Mist Treatment Tonic Moisturizer
All Mi Amante products contain the exclusive active ingredient “Reyna Fulvic Acid Trifecta Formula” which was developed by Dr. Dick Miyayama. Dr. Miyayama has been researching the positive effects of Fulvic Acid on living plant and animal cells for over 20 years. The formula works on a cellular level to improve the function, vitality, and health of your hair follicles and scalp skin cells. This formula assists your body’s own natural ability to repair and produce healthier, more vibrant hair.
We look forward to your feedback on our newly reformulated products!Free Ground Shipping on ALL products during the month of December!
Thank you

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Fulvic Acid Benefits for Hair Growth

Fulvic Acid Inside!
Fulvic Acid Inside!

The Fulvic Acid formula used in the Mi Amante line of hair care products improve hair texture and growth by  rejuvenating various cells invloved in hair growth. 
The cells in the scalp and hair follicles get damaged over time by stress and enviromental toxins.
Fulvic Acid assists in chelating out and reducing harmful heavy metals while increasing the efficiency of nutrient uptake of the cells. 


Fulvic Acid

Fulvic Acid

To put it simply, Fulvic Acid helps to restore the bodies cells to their full health and potential over time.
With the use of Fulvic Acid based Mi Amante shampoo’s, conditioners, and treatments over time, you will see fuller, healthier hair. 

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Fulvic Acid Hair Care

Fulvic Acid Hair Care

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