Fulvic Acid Formula


As the  nerves corresponding to the body’s five senses are overwhelmed and weakened by excess stresses, physically, our ability to regulate the full function of body processes degenerates and, in effect, we develop psychological complexes that inhibit our personal potential.  One of the first metabolic systems to disfunction is the hair growth cycle. Burdened by stress, capillary vessels along the scalp become thinner and thinner and unable to carry a sufficient keratin supply to hair follicles.  As this causes the natural growth cycle to become interrupted, follicles sprout thinner and thinner hairs. This regressive process continues until the nerve disconnects from the follicle altogether and becomes unproductive.

Mi Amante’s Trifecta Formula of USDA Certified Organic Fulvic Acid, natural aloe blend, and tannic acids work to re-establish and maintain a healthy hair growth cycle so as to encourage your body’s own ability to grow beautiful healthy hair again. As both skin and nail systems necessitate the same keratin process, Mi Amante is effective for the repair and care of skin and nail health!!!


Renaturation – to restore to its former natural healthy state

Re – anew, life again
Na – Nature. natural

Reyna Trifecta Formula

1) Reconnect & Retain healthy nerve function to your follicles.

FULVIC ACID: When the body continues to be overwhelmed by stress,
healthy cell activities become disfunctional and we can no longer produce healthy hair. By efficiently conducting the allocation of nutrients to the right cells and removing the harmful residue of excess matter in your body, Fulvic Acid restores the balance and
energy of all cell life and their biological properties for total body regeneration.

2) De-stress the follicle and skin to allow healthy

function of hair growth cycle.

TANNIC ACID:  When there is physical damage to a plant, it secretes asap that contains tannic acid to treat the damage and renew the cells. In the hair follicle, tannic acid serves as an astringent to repair the damage of stress and works to renew the cells to activate the growth cycle of your hair. Its anti-bacterial properties protect
against further damage to the hair follicle.


3) Strengthen the follicle and develop strong hair.

ALOE:  Nature’s powerful anti-oxidant, aloe effectively rehabilitates
cell damage and has a unique sensibility to regenerate in its original
healthy form. Aloe also builds the production of keratin, the main
component of hair (also in skin and nails), encouraging the
development of hair into strong, beautiful healthy hair again.






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