Mechanism メカニズム

Healthy Hair Cycle –
Following an active growth phase of 5-6 years, the hair fiber passes through a transitional phase for 2-3 weeks into a rest phase lasting 30-90 days. The hair fiber then sheds and a new hair begins its growth phase in its place.

Hair Loss & Nerves –
-When a hair sheds naturally, we do NOT experience a painful sensation.
-When we pull on a healthy hair, however, we feel a distinct pinching pain.
-This is because our hair is connected by nerves!!

A healthy hair is connected by 7 synapses along a main nerve to the follicle, but when stress dominates the body’s total functional ability, deterioration of the nerve ensues.

The healthy life cycle of a hair fiber is ordered by and through a stable nerve connection. However, as it becomes overwhelmed by continued stress, a nerve may rest and eventually deteriorate and disconnect altogether.

                                                        1、Healthy active hair / Nerve is properly connected      

                 2、Synapses start to short / Hair regresses, becoming thinner, its growth phase increasingly shorter.

               3、Hair does not develop and becomes very fine,  like peach fuzz.

 4、Pore is still visible / Hair is potentially peach fuzz.

                   5、There is no longer even a pore.



Present day civilization is marked by an alarming variety of stresses.  Therefore, more so than ever, the foundation of life lies in one’s ability to keep balance and not be overcome by stress.  Please consider what exactly relaxation is for you.

* DIET: Do you maintain a regimine of 3 healthy and enjoyable meals a day?
* SLEEP: Are you getting 6-8 hours of properly restful sleep a day?
* CLOTHING: Do you take care to dress in season / climate appropriate clothing that is gentle to your skin?

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